The Bloody Good Dinner 2018

What a night! The Bloody Good Dinner 2018 really was something special.

In one evening, our amazing guests raised a whopping $740,000 for world-class medical research. On the night, we were transported to 1920s Chinatown, NYC with the amazing Chinese Tuxedo on hand to provide an epic culinary experience. In Australia for one night only, it was abundantly clear why Chinese Tuxedo has become such a favourite in the Big Apple. From powerful speeches to delicious snapper to the generous auction pledges, the night was nothing short of spectacular.

Watch the video Highlights

We’d like to thank our sponsors, volunteers and partners without whom this great event could not have happened.

See you in 2019.

The Story

The Bloody Good Dinner is a joint venture created by the Snowdome Foundation and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision. Two young women who lost their lives to blood cancer and bone marrow failure were the catalysts for the establishment of these two organisations.

The Snowdome Foundation was established after Chloe Rutherford died of leukaemia in 2009. Co-founded by Chloe’s father, Grant Rutherford along with Miles Prince and Rob Tandy, the charity was created with a mission to accelerate next generation treatments for Australian blood cancer patients.

In 2015, Maddie Riewoldt lost her battle against aplastic anaemia. Her family founded Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision to combat this harrowing disease and find new treatments for bone marrow failure.

As blood cancer and bone marrow failure are so closely related, we came together to create an event that would really make a difference. We wanted to celebrate and connect people passionate about this important medical research.

By bringing people from these two organisations together, we knew we had an opportunity to raise significant funds for invaluable research with a truly world-class dining experience.

And so, the Bloody Good Dinner was born. Thanks to our amazing team of sponsors, volunteers and partners we have gone from strength to strength, raising over one million dollars in just two years.

But we don’t plan to stop there. Our goal is to turn The Bloody Good Dinner into a long running annual tradition, across multiple cities, raising funds for important research for years to come.

The Cause

The Bloody Good Dinner aims to fill a medical gap by ensuring there is ongoing cutting-edge medical research conducted with the aim of fighting bone marrow failure and blood cancers.

Over the course of the two years, The Bloody Good Dinner has raised over one million dollars to help fund critical research.

Every dollar has gone towards a range of extremely important causes:

  1. The Gunn Family Career Development Fellowship in Research for women in haematology.
  2. The Centre of Research Excellence in Bone Marrow Biology.
  3. The Australia-wide arm of an international trial to improve survival rates of Follicular Lymphoma patients.
  4. A world-first medical research project focused on improving the outcomes of bone marrow transplants.

Importantly, all the money raised from The Bloody Good Dinner goes directly to this amazing research. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, volunteers and partners we manage to keep our overheads extremely low while providing a world-class dining experience.

Our Sponsors

The bloody good dinner has been made possible with the ongoing support of our committee members and sponsors.

Our Committee

Chair: Nicky Long. Members: Andrew Pascoe, Carly Duckworth, Christine Lester, Georgie Tandy, Gian Blundo, Gillian Holley, Gina McNamara, Helen Gandel, Jen Trethewey, Jodi Crocker, Kate Stewart, Kasey Thompson, Lauren Frazer, Liz Anderson, Lou Johns, Mandy Mandie, Pennie Callaghan, Rebecca Smith, Rob Tandy, Sasha Wilson, Suzie Bratuskins, Tim Hirst, Vanessa Cohen.